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Mars Opposing Mean Black Moon Lilith October Tenth to Fourteenth

Transiting Mars in the early degrees of Sagittarius is currently directly opposed to Mean Black Moon Lilith in the early degrees of Gemini.

I think the desire to speak the truth and back it up with facts in support of equitable treatment for all citizens is very prevalent right now.

I don’t like to spend too much time on politics in my own writing because we each have our own way of looking at the world and we each have a right to our perspective. Politics can be a divisive topic. I am going to divert from my normal course of action in my illustration of the effect of Mars opposite Mean Black Moon Lilith today, because I feel inspired to do so.

First a young girl desiring education (Sagittarius) for herself and other girls was shot on Tuesday, October 9th, just as Mars was coming into opposition with Mean Black Moon Lilith.
1 minute 37 seconds running time

Published on October 8th, Australian PM Julia Gillard speaks out against misogyny in public life in Australian government. I am unfamiliar with Ms. Gillard’s policies regarding issues pertienent to Australians, so I am not endorsing policies of which I have no knowledge. I do acknowledge her courage and integrity for standing up for appropriate relations between governance and judiciary and recognizing that truth and facts need to be communicated (Sagittarius and Gemini).
15 minutes 03 seconds running time

Published on October 10th, Elizabeth Warren makes a strong point in a political debate respecting her opponent using the history of her opponent’s voting record to stand up for equitable treatment for citizens.
1 minute 34 seconds running time

The UN has declared October 11, 2012 as the International Day of the Girl Child. I have to admit I have mixed feelings about this initiative. I guess I would really like to see some acknowledgement of equitable relations. As soon as the spotlight is on one group, all groups are separated. Equitable relations affects us all, regardless of how we are identified, and beneficial relations are supportive of everyone.

Thanks for reading,
Anita Kuno.

Brainwave at Moon Conjunct Venus

The transiting Moon just passed over my natal Venus and I was gifted with a brainwave.

I have been feeling very quiet since yesterday, much puttering and putting things away, not much by way of motivation to initiate new projects, until now. Transiting Moon has been in my 4th house and will stay for another hour or so and I have been observing my behaviour; music, dancing, exercise, stretching, cleaning and tidying have all been prominent but writing, talking, planning activities and initiating any action other than a routine household action is not making the grade. I figured it was along the line of gathering energy for the next project so I let it be and enjoyed the music and movement and nourishment.

While enjoying some gentle stretches I was given a brainwave for a project which hopefully interests my coding partner. I can’t give specifics yet but it involves Astrology (of course) and creating something which would serve a need such that users might subscribe (my natal Atira is conjunct natal Venus, I have to generate income in harmonious ways).

The degree of the New Moon for this Moon Cycle is 23 Virgo which is the 1st degree of my 6th house, so I think it is fitting that this transiting Moon has blessed my heart (Venus) with a way to attract (Venus) income (Atira) in a way that suits my overall energy. It appears that giving myself permission to fully appreciate all that transiting Moon had to share with me through my 4th house was a good decision.

In the hopes you are making good decisions for yourself,
Anita Kuno.

Lilith Enclosure October Tenth to Seventeenth

To find the list of each week’s positions and enclosed points for the Transiting Lilith Enclosure, just click the Transiting Lilith Enclosure tag at the bottom of each post about the transiting positions.

The positions were calculated using 0 UTC for each date on the astro.com website.

Mean Black Moon Lilith:
True Black Moon Lilith:
True South Node:

October 10th
3 Gemini 5’ 23”
3 Gemini 13’ 42”Rx

October 11th
0 Gemini 41’ 19”Rx
3 Gemini 12’ 1”

October 12th
27 Taurus 36’ 14”Rx
3 Gemini 18’ 40”

October 13th
24 Taurus 23’ 57”Rx
Algol 26 Taurus 21’ 17”
26 Taurus 35’ 13”
3 Gemini 25’ 19”

October 14th
21 Taurus 30’ 16”Rx
Algol 26 Taurus 21’ 17”
26 Taurus 29’ 27”
3 Gemini 31’ 57”

October 15th
19 Taurus 8’ 33”Rx
Algol 26 Taurus 21’ 17”
26 Taurus 24’ 24”
3 Gemini 38’ 36”

October 16th
17 Taurus 14’ 50”Rx
26 Taurus 20’ 42”
Algol 26 Taurus 21’ 17”
3 Gemini 45’ 14”

October 17th
15 Taurus 32’ 30”Rx
26 Taurus 18’ 40”
Algol 26 Taurus 21’ 18”
3 Gemini 51’ 53”

Thanks for reading,
Anita Kuno.

Mars’ Ingress Into Sagittarius October Seventh

On October 7th, 2012, Mars moved into Sagittarius at 3:21 UTC.

Mars the planet of passion, desire, motivation and identification of goals on the physical plane just moved into the sign of learning. So observing, taking notes, making decisions and evaluating the results compared to the goal prior to making a further decision are all supported at this time.

This is a great time to launch a research project, engage in a conditional or provisional agreement (with further agreements being created after an evaluation of outcomes) and of seeking inner truth. If you feel you have swayed off-course for what is true for you in your heart, now might be a great time to spelunk the inner landscape and recognize the truth of how things work on the inside.

I hope you find ways to use this energy creatively for yourself.

Thanks for reading,
Anita Kuno.

Disseminating and Last Quarter Moon in Cancer October Seventh

At 0:46 UTC on October 7th, 2012, the transiting Moon ingressed into Cancer. This Moon, looking lovely in the evening sky as I compose this post, starts off as a Disseminating Moon and becomes a Last Quarter Moon as it travels through Cancer.

Cancer is concerned with flow, flow of food, flow of emotions and flow of family. This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving and this Moon ingress took place at 8:46pm local time for me, we had finished dinner, cleaned up and were engaged in various activities after dinner. Now in the past, we have had family gatherings where everybody departs as soon as the dishes are cleaned up but tonight, we just kept wanting to hang out. We talked in small groups then as a large group and then broke into small groups again to play two different games, cards and Monopoly. It was truly lovely to experience and also very unusual. The conversation would wane and then we would just look at each other and noone wanted to leave. So we would wait until another topic or idea presented itself and we worked away at that for a while. Everyone felt included, noone was in the mood for an argument, we just kept the flow going and everyone had a wonderful time.

I hope that you have a lovely experience with Moon in Cancer experiencing flow in those areas of your life which nourish you.

Thanks for reading,
Anita Kuno.

Jupiter Retrograde in Gemini October Fourth

On October 4th, 2012 at 13:19 UTC Jupiter went retrograde at 16 Gemini 22’ 53”.

Now this Jupiter retrograde may affect me differently than the general populace since the degree of station and retrograde is partile my pre-natal New Moon degree of 16 Gemini 44’. So for me, I am feeling a whole lot of internal protection in the front of my first chakra. I have felt that most of my life has been in preparation for something and that something might just be upon me. I don’t know exactly what it is but this feeling of internal protection at the front of my first chakra seems to be right in line with how I pictured my personal mission in this life unfolding. I think the fact that the degree of retrograde for Jupiter is conjunct my pre-natal New Moon degree plays a very strong role.

Jupiter can be construed as the planet which protects Earth from random space detritis crashing into us. Jupiter direct can manifest as protective energy preventing external interference from accessing our beingness. Jupiter retrograde, acting on an internal plane and also as per our instructions, can allow us to move internal energy around to protect ourselves. In Gemini, this may allow individuals to retain allegiance to the ideas that feed their soul in the face of coercive powers desiring us to flow in accordance with the agenda of another.

Jupiter retrograde will be here a while so I may circle back and comment again when I have additional observations.

To my Canadian readers, Happy Thanksgiving. To everyone else, thanks for reading,
Anita Kuno.

Disseminating Moon in Gemini October Fourth

At 11:47 UTC on October 4th, 2012, the Moon ingressed into Gemini. The phase for the entire journey in Gemini is the Disseminating Phase. Disseminating wants to talk, wants to share its techniques and recipes for success. Sharing your methods and approaches on a given issue is supported right now.

With Mean Black Moon Lilith at 2 Gemini and True Black Moon Lilith at 6 Gemini the Moon enters the Enclosure at 16:52 UTC today (it is within as I compose this post) and exits at 00:43 tomorrow October 5th, 2012. I find this a particularly receptive time for changing energy. Of course, True Lilith Stationary is flavouring things right now, which I can’t entirely sum up for myself yet so that is in a post to come, so you may be having unique experiences right now regarding communication and the truth, so roll with the flow for a bit and see where it takes you.

Thanks for reading,
Anita Kuno.

South Node in Virgo

I had an experience the other day and wanted to share some thoughts with you. I have a friend who has South Node in Virgo and he creates the most wonderful constructions. He is very exact and precise in his work and the final result is a testament to his neat and tidy approach.

He is careful and cautious and always explains how to safely use his tools when I work with him. Here is the difficulty, he won’t ask for what he wants.

I was helping him with a home renovation project and I am always very careful and wear my safety glasses regardless of what I am doing. He was displaying a tendency to want to over control my actions, such as telling me how to stand when it didn’t make any difference how I stood and I was getting tired of having to fend off his useless comments, which foot I was standing on, and filter his useful comments, “I would like to reach this point by this time”. We were working in the same area and sharing tools and I picked up a tool and started to use it. He looked at what I was doing and started to find fault with the order I was doing things. I knew he simply wanted the tool I had in my hands and was using and wasn’t interested in having him find fault with me when I was doing nothing wrong. I told him that he simply wanted the tool I was using and if he wanted it he could do one of two things, wait until I am finished using it or ask for the tool. I was not interesting in having him belittle my work because he was unable to ask for a tool while I was using it.

Well he lost his temper and tried force, which doesn’t work for me and I told him so. Finally he asked for the tool, which I still hadn’t finished using and I gave it to him because he asked. But he was sure upset for having to ask to get what he wanted.

The South Node in Virgo tendency of making everybody else wrong in order to allow the native to achieve their goals may work for a while, but the point is to learn to ask for what you want. It may frighten you at first, after all the other person does have the right to say no, but if the other person decides to say yes because you asked, the over all relationship is much improved for both individuals involved.

Thanks for reading,
Anita Kuno.

Venus Opposite Neptune October Third

Tonight, October 3rd 2012, at 22:26 UTC transiting Venus at 0 Virgo 44’ 56” exactly opposed transiting retrograde Neptune at 0 Pisces 44’ 56”. Interestingly enough I have some first hand experience in the field of romance to offer you on this one.

I have been seeing someone for a number of years and we have a pretty reliable way of interacting but tonight things changed. We had different expectations for our time together and it ended up not working the way either of us had planned. It turns out that we both had high expectations of what tonight would look like but we both had very different expectations of what tonight would look like and our different visions (Pisces) didn’t mesh with the visions of the other.

We have been together long enough that we both just shrugged it off and but it down to experience, so it is not a deal breaker but I was feeling kind of strange about it myself. What was going on with me? What was I bringing to the table that I wasn’t able to participate with what my partner was bringing to the table? Then I saw Venus opposite Neptune. There they are at odds with each other in the signs of worship and connection. Except we each had a different vision for our time together and we ended up having no connection. Well not no connection just not the connection for which we were hoping.

It is interesting to have this experience, to see what happens when two energies that are considered complimentary are in an aspect of tension with each other. If this were an energy pattern that was going to be in existence for a while, I would talk with my partner and spend more time planning together and creating a mutual vision. I guess we get along so well that we just expected that we could figure it out as we go along, which is often the case, but it didn’t work this evening.

I also find it interesting that this night is also witness to two events in government which have high expectations and which may fall flat - I will have to read the columns tomorrow. There is an emergency session in Parliament in Canada over a meat recall and in the US there is the first of several Presidential debates. There may be a lot of prep and high hopes for not much actually happening and perhaps an agreement to meet again, but that may not be much of a prediction when it comes to politics.

If you are experiencing a disappointment tonight, you are in good company. Try to see the humourous side and greet the sunrise tomorrow with a smile in your heart.

Thanks for reading,
Anita Kuno.

Pallas Retrograde Into Pisces

Tomorrow, October 4, 2012, Pallas heads back into Pisces as part of the retrograde obligation. She gets back as far as 22 Pisces reaching her destination on the 21st of November turning direct on the 22nd.

She reenters Aries on January 11th, 2013. So what does Pallas have to offer us right now with such a lengthy sojourn into Pisces? I still haven’t nailed down the keyword which best suits my understanding of Pisces for my Moon Cycle series but I am leaning toward connection, multiple connections within ourselves and with each other, connection with qualities which are unseen but which we know exist. Perhaps Pallas in all her wisdom is helping us to remain connected to each other and all those qualities which we can feel but can’t discern as we encounter energies which give us the power to tear ourselves apart. Perhaps she is providing us with an opportunity to gently remember that we are more alike than we are different and should we choose, we can make decisions in keeping with our likenesses, including the likenesses we see in each other.

Thanks for reading,
Anita Kuno.