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Lilith Enclosed North Node in Leo in the Ninth House

I am starting to notice the power that is available to the native that consciously works with the energy of their Lilith Enclosure.

I am looking specifically at the Lilith Enclosed North Node in this post. The North Node of the Moon represents that behaviour or those emotional habits and perceptions which allow the native to make the most personal progress during their life in accordance with that which they have incarnated to do. With the North Node enclosed by the positions of Mean and True Black Moon Lilith the native experiences harassment and aggression directed toward them while pursuing those behaviours consistent with the energy of their North Node until they learn to follow their North Node regardless of pressure external to themselves.

I have found two examples of this energy pattern which fortunately don’t have any additional inhabitants in the Lilith Enclosure with the North Node. Both natives have the Lilith Enclosure wholly within the 9th house. Interestingly enough both also have the North Node in Leo and Mean Black Moon Lilith in Leo. One native has True Black Moon Lilith in Cancer and the other has True Black Moon Lilith in Leo.

The two natives are former British Prime Minister and Baroness Margaret Thatcher and current Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

I am struck by the determination of both natives to communicate their message and wield the power necessary to accomplish goals consistent with their vision of what is beneficial for their country. I do not have much information about former PM Thatcher but I have noted the ability of PM Gillard to assemble an argument and present it effectively. Those trying to use PM Gillard’s words or actions to weaken her are learning that she has the ability to turn the tables quickly and will turn a perceived weakness into a strength. Also that while she may remain largely silent on a given issue her silence does not indicate her approval. It appears that she is willing to watch and wait, taking notes until the opportunity arises in which she can use what she has learned. Is it possible that the Lilith Enclosure can bestow patience or perhaps recognition of appropriate timing of behaviour?

I am continuing to examine the Lilith Enclosure and any energies therein. If you come across the chart of a native with an interesting Lilith Enclosure, please feel welcome to share it with me, with the approval of the native, where appropriate.

Thanks for reading,
Anita Kuno.