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I Like Endings

Endings give me a chance to breath. I can exhale and feel the calm inside. Nothing else can go wrong when it’s finished. It’s over. That’s all there is. No more worry, no more what ifs, done. My mental space clears and I pick through the ashes to see what survived.

During the middle, I really don’t know what parts are pulling their weight and which aren’t. Everything is moving, flowing, rotating and stuff is happening. I see movement going on and I think to myself, what is the value, what is the import of this part over this other part? Which part should get the majority of my focus? Which portion should I polish and which should I allow to dwindle? While everything is happening, I don’t have an answer.

It is only when it is over, when everything has stopped, when death comes around that I can look at what remains and spot what elements survived. I like endings, because then I know what to do when I make a beginning.

When I have a really good ending on my hands, there is lots of material to sift through, lots of questions to ask, lots of material to analyze and I can really evaluate the remnants. When conducted thoroughly, a good ending can lead to a great beginning. When the seeds of the ideas and techniques that survived become the foundation for the next beginning, I am so grateful to the ending. It gave me information. It gave me confidence. I know what I did right last time, so I can continue doing it. Plus it gave me information about what I did wrong, I really enjoy good feedback about what I did wrong, it helps me to improve so the next time I have an ending, I can look for the improvements in the ashes.

Thank you to all my readers, I really appreciate your visits. I know it sounds silly but you are spending so much time here I realized that I hadn’t blogged for a few days because I was looking forward to an ending, or a dip in traffic. Silly me. What I really needed to do was acknowledge the value of endings and how much I enjoy them. A good ending feels like wind buffeting my body while standing beside the sea. In that place, anything is possible. I can pick up and go in any direction. Once I realize what I need, to change direction, I recognize that I can do that, I don’t need to let my blog stagnate while I do it.

Thanks for dropping by and reading this post, I’m glad you’re here.

Anita Kuno.