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Good Astrological Questions

One of the things I have learned in my life is to ask good questions. If I want to arrive at a relevant answer, I need to ask a good question. This sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Alas it is not used in practice as often as it might. I encourage you, dear reader, to spend some time evaluating the questions you ask and consider spending some time improving the quality of your questions. You just might find that you receive responses which have increased relevance for the task at hand.

Some examples, perhaps? Let’s say I am a student and I am uncertain how to best use my innate talents to select a career. I seek some counsel about direction for my studies. Let’s say I ask the question “What should I do with my life?” This question is very broad and does not convey the expertise the individual feels they already have (I’m good in Math, I get high marks in Art) nor does it indicate the individual’s interests (I like people, I need my own space, I like dogs). Since the question is broad and neglects pertinent information, the answer maybe too broad to be useful. A better question would be “I’m trying to decide between singing and criminology, what energy in my chart would support each choice?” This is a better question, the astrologer is not being asking to decide, simply to provide additional information for the querent to evaluate the merits of each choice. This allows the native to decide for themselves, with the goal they would make an informed decision.

My role as astrologer is not to make decisions for others, I won’t. My role is to help shed some light on events and energy patterns so that the querent is able to make an informed decision. The querent is in the driver’s seat.

Let’s take a look at another question which I saw somewhere today, “Will he hit me again?” If someone were to honestly ask me that, they would be referred to their closest police station and encouraged to file a report as well as encouraged to find accommodation elsewhere. Part of using astrology well is knowing how to apply it. Astrological energy is like the weather and the astrologer like a meteorologist, paying attention to trends and patterns is the goal. Decisions become part of the pattern evaluated. You would hardly ask a meteorologist how to ensure your personal safety so if you lack confidence in your surroundings, make decisions to secure them. Then, once safe, consult with an astrologer to investigate the question, “Why do I continue to make such poor decisions in partnerships?” This is a good question to discuss with an astrologer, given you are willing to evaluate your decision making criteria for partners. Such an interaction may lead to some empowering decisions on your part. If it does, kudos to you and congratulations on working for increased self-knowledge.

I operate from the belief that if I am unhappy with the circumstances in an area of my life, I can evaluate my role in those circumstances. I look at what I am doing to contribute to the results I am receiving. Now, sometimes I am unhappy with the results because I have not contributed enough, so not every evaluation is going to be the equivalent of a reprimand. Using astrology as a tool for honest self-evaluation enables the native to make different decisions than they are in the habit of making, with the intent of experiencing different results. The point of the process is to select experiences considered beneficial for the native as a whole and to understand the decisions that created said beneficial results.

Ask questions by all means, and evaluate the results to see how you can improve the questions you ask.

Thanks for reading,
Anita Kuno.