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New Mexico Space Jump October Fourteenth

On Sunday October 14, 2012, Felix Baumgartner jumped from 128,097 feet free-falling for over 4 minutes on his way back to Earth.

Based upon the timing via the YouTube feed of the event that I was watching I have created the following chart for the moment of the jump. I used 12:08pm New Mexico time. If you have better information for the exact time of the jump please share it with me and I will update the chart. Wikipedia.org confirms 12:08pm MDT as the time of the jump.

The stand-out for me is the Galactic Center conjunct the horizon from Roswell, New Mexico at the time of the jump. I have to imagine that from 128,000 feet above the surface that Felix was feeling the Galactic Center from his capsule even though is was just slightly below the New Mexican horizon when he jumped.

Vesta is conjunct the Descendant on this chart and I believe this signifies the 7 million plus viewers locked to their internet devices and television sets watching the event. Vesta symbolizes focused attention, and if everyone felt like I did, there was a whole lot of focused attention experienced by others (the Descendant) at the time of the event.

The Moon is conjunct the Midheaven of this chart demonstrating the emotional impact this event had on all who witnessed it. Moon in Libra, evaluation, gave us the emotional motivation to take a look at ourselves as a group and create a new standard of evaluation. Issues of difference perhaps are not as important as they may have been 24 hours earlier, after all a human has successfully jumped from over 128,000 feet, the edge of space, what can we do as a group if we really set our minds to a goal?

I will finish with observing that Felix’s natal Neptune is conjunct the transiting North Node. What a way to expand one’s vision of oneself - a trip to the edge of space and a free fall back to Earth.

I really enjoyed witnessing this event and look forward to seeing what results from this accomplishment.

Thanks for reading,
Anita Kuno.