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Balsamic Moon in Libra October Thirteenth

Social Libra is introspective during the Balsamic Moon Phase. The transiting Moon moved into Libra at 23:01:45 UTC on October 13, 2012.

During the Balsamic Moon Phase, we tie up loose ends, contemplate, catch up on sleep, meditate, conserve energy and prepare for the next cycle of growth. The New Moon takes place on Monday October 15th, 2012, so we have a bit of time to rest and reflect.

Moon in Libra is inclined towards evaluation and in the Balsamic Moon Phase we evaluate ourselves, our self-worth. How am I doing? Is my behaviour reflective of what is important to me? Am I creating situations with people that are fair for all concerned, not just to the benefit of some? How am I doing in my treatment of others? How is what I say and do regarded by others whom I care about? What can I do, as an individual, to create better interactions, interactions which are more in keeping with what is important to me personally? Balsamic Moon in Libra is supportive of these questions. We are all different people and will each arrive at our own answers, but now is a good time for all of us to consider the questions and spend some time with our thoughts, after all Libra is an Air sign.

Happy Balsamic Moon in Libra, I hope you enjoy your introspective evaluation process.

Thanks for reading,
Anita Kuno.