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New Moon in Libra October Fifteenth

On October 15th, 2012 at 12:02:31 UTC the transiting Moon will be conjunct the transiting Sun for a New Moon at 22 Libra 32’ 20”.

I am beginning to see that the sign and degree of the conjunction of the Sun and the Moon (New Moon) flavours the Moon for the duration of its Cycle, the month. The 23rd degree of Libra is associated with research and travel. Chemistry, medicine and alchemy seem to be favoured topics of research, but research in any form is attributed to this degree of Libra.

I’ll be looking for themes of investigation, evaluation, journeys and persistence towards a goal in this upcoming Moon orbit round the Earth.

Personally this New Moon in Libra is conjunct my natal asteroid Lilith, so while I have been focusing most of my attention on Lilith towards the Mean and True Black Moon Lilith, the empty second focus of the Moon’s orbit, it appears that I need to spend some time understanding asteroid Lilith. This next turn should prove interesting.

Look at where the 23rd degree of Libra occurs in your chart, if there are any heavenly bodies or points close by or in aspect and also what house is activated this New Moon.

Wishing you a good New Moon in Libra,
Anita Kuno.