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Libra Moon Cycle

Libra’s love to explore and ask questions, gather facts and consider many angles on a subject, but they do have a tendency to shy away from decisions. I wondered why this was and then it occurred to me, it is the act of Evaluation that motivates Libra. Trying something new, saying yes to two opposing experiences or opinions, Libra wants to try them out and evaluate their merits. The only true way of comparing an object, experience or characteristic is by trying out its opposite which may be why Libra may have a reputation for being inconsistent. Libra wants to say yes to opposites to evaluate firsthand their stance on the topic, when they get around to deciding on one.

Libra Moon - Gift of Evaluation

New: evaluating ideals
Crescent: evaluating attraction
Waxing Quarter: evaluating justice
Gibbous: evaluating romantic love
Full: evaluating aesthetics
Disseminating: evaluating opinions
Waning Quarter: evaluating judgement
Balsamic: evaluating self-worth

I compose this post having Moon transit my own Libra Vertex only hours before and it sheds some light on my experience (I will compose a dedicated post shortly). Libra needs to evaluate their experience and make decisions based upon what is happening not based upon what they wanted to have happen, or what was supposed to happen or what somebody assured them would happen. They need to select their actions based upon what is happening right now.

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