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Email: anita at whitefeatherastrology dot com
Mail: Anita Kuno, Box 601, Minden, ON, Canada, KOM 2K0

I have used astrology for the past 20 years to understand myself, my relationships and my soul purpose as it is unfolding through each stage of my life. I use my experience, my knowledge and my sensitivity to compose chart interpretations for others. I have received good feedback from those for whom I have composed interpretations. Working with balanced energy is very important to me in my own life and in my relationships. It is imperative for me that I engage in useful, valuable business relationships with my clients.

Payment Information

My rate is $50 Canadian Funds per hour. If you life in Ontario, please include the HST. I will email you my HST number upon request.

I can accept payment digitally via Interac email money transfer or Paypal. Please use my email anita at whitefeatherastrology dot com to send me payments.

While my preference is to complete transactions digially, I do have the ability to accept cheques via mail. Please email first prior to sending me anything so that we are in agreement as to terms and expectations.

If you wish to contract my services and would like to negotiate compensation please email me at anita at whitefeatherastrology dot com with your proposal so that I may consider it.


It is important that I have a balanced relationship with my clients. I start new clients off with a introductory interpretation so both parties can evaluate the relationship. If you would like an introductory interpretation please pay me my rate for 1 hour and email me your birth date, time (as exact as possible), and year, along with birth location and your gender. Sharing your real name with me is not required, but please do tell me how you would like to be addressed.

I will create a chart interpretation for you addressing the location and meaning of the placement of your Sun, Moon, North Node of the Moon, pre-natal Solar and Lunar Eclipses, position of mean and true Black Moon Lilith, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. If they are prominent I may discuss Ceres, Vesta, Juno, Pallas, Orcus and Eris. Exact contents of the interpretation will depend heavily on the chart under examination. If you are unsatisfied for any reason with my work, I will refund your money no questions asked, though feedback is always appreciated.

I can deliver my interpretation via a written report or via Skype. Sometimes Skype is easier though it may not be practical for everyone.

I can do a basic chart interpretation for one hour’s worth of time. A detailed examination of a chart usually takes 3-4 hours, but can take upwards of 10 depending on the depth desired. Doing a synastry examination requires at least a basic interpretation for each of the natives and then an interpretation of the synastry chart, so at least three hours worth of time. Once we establish a basic rapport, we can discuss the way to proceed which best suits your personal goals for soul mission clarity while incorporating the resources that you have available for doing your personal work.


If you would like a report of the timing of the transiting Moon with your natal Lilith Enclosure for 12 months, the cost is $35 CDN funds. Please follow the payment instructions above. Please include the 12 month range within your email requesting the chart. Please see this post for details.